This database allows statistical comparisons, analysis, and potentially projections of the 2019-nCov infections. These are officially reported numbers and while they are likely to be lower than real numbers, they are not likely to be higher.

While there are a number of resources that post current daily stats, it is harder to find daily historical numbers going to the first known infection case that was recorded on December 1, 2019.

All dates are in GMT (UTC) /+00 and all effort was made to convert dates on reports to the UTC time.

Reports that come after 19:00 ET/ / 00:00 UTC are entered in the next day.  

The main purpose of the database is statistical analysis. For immediate updates, you may want to check and

Data available:
  • Breakdown by Country and Region
  • Daily New Case counts
  • Daily Growth Rate percentage
  • Daily Death Rate percentage
  • Graphs and pivoting

Use dropdown on the left under CASES to see a dedicated view for each country

You can change graphs, use your own filters, sorting, etc.

You can download all the data as CSV or copy the database. Note that we are working on confirming and calculating some data from Jan 18-21

If you find it useful or there are errors, leave a comment or email us (email is in the profile). If you want to see some specific stats or types of charts, let us know. Please see credits tab in the database and the index tab for data source links and report downloads.

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